Key Features

Bluelake Technologies is a premier group of specialists for external and internal treatment of both water and process streams. For water treatment, we   provide   solution of   your problems  related to  both external and   internal regimes. External includes supply of Reverse Osmosis  Plants, Water Softening Plants, all types of Water Filtering Equipments,   Deionizers,   De – Alkalizers,   Demineralizers, Ultra Violets and Drinking Water Plants etc.

Internal treatment includes supply of engineered specialty chemical treatment program for influent water, boilers, cooling, waste water and process water systems operating in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. As experts and specialists of water treatment equipments and water Process Chemical treatment providers, professionals of our qualified and experienced team is stricktly and hightly committed to:


We have decades of experience in supplying specialist products and services for different Industrial & Commercial Organizations. A well-developed network of international supplies supported locally by experienced and skilled staff enables us to provide unique value solution to technical problems.


Bluelake Technologies is a premier group of specialists for external and internal treatment of  both water and process streams




Boiler Water Treatment

Cooling Water Treatment

RO Chemicals

Waste Water Treatment

Cleaning And Descaling Chemicals


Refineries, Oil field & Gas Industries

Bulk Chemicals

Textile Chemicals


We deal in the following products through foreign Manufacturers & Suppliers:

Engineering and Operations

Our designers and engineers have rich experience of  Designing, Installation, Commissioning and Operation of water treatment equipment like RO plants, Softeners, Multimedia Filters, Carbon Filters, Deionizers and filtration plants applicable to all the needs of Industrial, Commercial & Domestic users. We offer Specialty Chemical programs for water & process treatments for all the industries. All our offerings are supported by local back up & technical as well as analytical support. Our diverse range of prestigious Principals from all over the world enables optimum markets coverage through a large complement of products and services.

Our Clients

Key to generating this goodwill are our many dedicated professionals, committed to meeting and exceeding client’s expectations. It is therefore a team achievement that we could faster in our position in Pakistan.
No matter what we are doing at customer sites, the safety of client plant & equipment and that of our staff is always a priority for us. We are very proud of our safety record and very pleased that clients also recognize this performance. we have a “Zero tolerance” attitude towards safety incidents and we are constantly striving to “raise the bar” and find ways to keep on improving.