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Who we are 

Bluelake Technologies

Blue lake Technologies is a premier group of specialists for the external and internal treatment of both water and process streams. For water treatment, we provide solution of your problems related to both external and internal regimes. External includes supply of Reverse Osmosis Plants, Water Softening Plants, all types of Water Filtering Equipments, Deionizers, De-Alkalizers, Demineralizers, Ultra Violets and Drinking Water Plants etc. 

Internal treatment includes supply of engineered specialty chemical treatment program for influent water, boilers, cooling , waste water and process water systems operating in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. As specialists of water treatment equipment and water/ Process Chemical treatment providers, professionals of our qualified and experienced team are committed to:

  • Building beneficial Partnerships with customers employees and suppliers 
  • Conducting business with honesty and respect. 
  • Understanding and conforming to our customer’s requirements by providing zero-defect products and on-time deliveries. 
  • Giving added value to our customers and suppliers with creative and cost-efficient ideas. 
  • Being a caring and helpful corporate citizen, dedicated to a clean environment and a prosperous community. 

We have decades of experience in supplying specialist products and services for different Industrial & Commercial Organizations.

A well-developed network of international supplies supported locally by experienced and skilled staff enables us to provide unique value solutions to technical problems.