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Bluelake Technologies provides equipment, specialty chemicals, solutions and services for the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Chemical& Petrochemical industries in Pakistan. Bluelake has been successfully operating in the region for 8+ years.


Bluelake Technologies is an active supplier of equipment, specialty chemicals, materials and services to the Oil & Gas Industry, Pipeline companies, Petrochemical Plants, Electrical utilities, Power Plants, Refineries, Fertilizer plants, EPC Contractors and major industries operating in Pakistan.

Our dedication and commitment to clients over 8 years in the field is well reflected by their trust and confidence in us we have. We are well informed of market trends and policies to support our client in the best manner. The principals we represent are well established in their fields and have a strong customer base and credentials. We have a strong team of managers, engineers and technicians for sales, technical and analytical support.

Our mission is to provide quality material equipment, specialty chemicals, services and solutions. We are geared and committed to fulfill the requirements of the Oil & Gas Explorers & Producers, Pipeline Companies, Petrochemical Plants, Electrical Utilities, Power Plants, Refineries, Fertilizer plants and EPC Contractors. We ensure consistent technical support, innovative technology, efficient after sales service and prompt delivery of genuine spares. We are dedicated to engineers, operators, technicians and workers, et al, who contribute in development of the industry.

We believe in being a strong and reliable partner for our Principals/Suppliers, to develop supply chain excellence, for both the customers and the principals.


  •     Water & Process Equipment

  •    Water and Process Specialty Chemicals

  •    Water & Energy Conservation projects

  •     CDM Projects

  •     O&M of Water & Process Plants

  •     Supply of Experienced Technical manpower to the industry on short terms and long terms basis.


Bluelake Technologies has an extensive customer base in the below market segments:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Refineries

  • Fertilizers

  • Power Plants

  • Textile

  • Cement

  • Sugar

  • Chemical and Process Industries

  •  Commercial Buildings